Kia Orana ~ this is our special greeting ~

Welcome to Rarotonga the capital of our friendly little corner of the Pacific. Ours is a very small island at only 32 kms around the outer perimeter. It takes aproximately 40 minutes to circumnavigate which means all services and amenities on the island are just 20 minutes from wherever you are.

There are only 16,000 of us living in these islands. 10,000 live on Rarotonga with the rest living on 12 of our 15 islands. We are Polynesian, naturally friendly and openly welcome visitors to our shores like we have been doing for the past millenium or two. Everyone speaks English as well as the native Polynesian language.

Being the capital, Rarotonga has all that you would expect. There are two international banks on the island, both offering international banking services and ATM. There is a great variety of outlets with locally made arts and crafts, supermarkets with international brands and locally grown black pearls as well as a great range of quality Hotels, Resorts, Motels and guest house self catering properties.
Rarotonga from the Air
Rarotonga from the air

In fact there are only 900 rooms on Rarotonga ranging from 4 star to budget guesthouses - US$500 per night to just US$15. The island is often likened to one big resort with many different standards of rooms.

There are more than 25 different restaurants scattered around the island ensuring much interesting dining for all guests be they staying in self catering accommodation, or hotels/resorts.

A main course can avarage around US$20 and getting around is easy. A good bus service operates every half-hour in alternating directions around the island during the business week and late night buses also operate for those dining at one of our many restaurants. Limited services operate Saturday afternoon and Sundays.

Inexpensive Rental bicycles, motor bikes and cars are also readily available.

The Cook Islands is a great place to get married. Let our professional wedding planners put together a wedding ceremony that will fulfil your dream wedding day without breaking the bank. Just plan on being here at least three clear working days to finalise arrangements. We apologise, we don't hold funny weddings here. All our weddings are legally binding.

A holiday in the Cook Islands can be varied from cross island walks, a genuine cultural village, Marae sites, conservation area tours, 4-wheel drive safari tour, reef walks, reef fishing, windsurfing, Sea kayaking, pony treks, scenic flights, scuba diving and a host of other soft adventure eco-friendly tours. Then again.. there are plenty of opportunties to finish off that latest John Grisham novel...

Even if you are limiting your stay to the Cook Islands to the island of Rarotonga, don't miss the opportunity to see it from the Air aboard our Rarotonga Scenic Flight

Rarotonga is the transport hub of the Cook Islands with frequent connections from New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, North America (via Los Angeles), South America (via Tahiti or Auckland) and Tahiti.

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