Cook Islands and South Pacific Islands Aircraft Charter

Air Rarotonga offers air charter with our Embraer Bandeirante 15 passenger turbo-prop aircraft with a two pilot crew.

Tour the outer Cook Islands at your own leisure. We are also licensed to provide charter from Rarotonga to our South Pacific neighbours in Tahiti - French Polynesia, Niue, Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga.

Rates are based on flying time. Modest waiting time and crew expenses are applicable should you choose to overnight somewhere on your itinerary. Our Travel Centre staff can also make all ground arrangements including permits, accommodation, tours and rentals. An experienced tour guide is also available to accompany your charter if you wish.

Consult our Charter Rates Open Link in new Window or Call our Travel Centre on +682 22888 or email: charters@airraro.co.ck for a quotation.

Please note that up to 15 passengers can be carried on shorter flights around the Southern Cook Islands, however payload restricts passengers to around 10 persons on longer flights to the Northern Cook Islands and neighbouring countries.

Our aircraft are quick change models so they can be reconfigured for your specific needs to accomodate fishing, diving or scientific equipment.


one of our Embraer bandeirante available for charter
One of our Embraer 110 Aircraft

Rakahanga overflight
Rakahanga, a rare sight

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