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Terms and Conditions

printable copy of our terms and conditions including Fare Rules. Please note that any fare rules printed on your itinerary or confirmation will take precendence over any other printed terms and conditions.

Version: 1.6 Date: 01 December 2010 -Air Rarotonga terms and conditions Open Link in new Window

Download Terms and Conditions


Northern Group Name Change Form

Please download and fill out this form to apply for a name change on confirmed bookings to the Northern Group destinations Manihiki, Penrhyn (Tongareva) and Pukapuka only.

Version: 1.2 Date: 09 February 2010 -

Northern Group printable name change form Open Form in new Window

Download Northern Group Name Change Form


Tradewinds Newsletter, Edition 01/2007

Version: 1.0 Date: 01 May 2007 - download


Download Tradewinds Newsletter 2007


Air Rarotonga, current Air Operator Certificate

issued 20 November 2005 valid through 2010 - download


Download Air Operator Certificate

Current Excess Baggage and Island Air Express Cargo Rates

as of 14 July 2008 -Cargo Tariff Sheet Open Link in new Window

Download Our freight rate sheet

Current Charter Rates

as of 15 September 2013 -Charter Rates Open Link in new Window

Download Our Charter Rate Sheet

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