Make a Northern Atolls Expedition Enquiry

The Northern Atolls Expedition is something very special and subject to aircraft availability, demand, accommodation on the Atolls and the weather. Another factor is whether or not you want to charter the Aircraft exclusively or share the cost per seat with other passengers (up to 8 in total).

Please contact our charter specialists to discuss further options. To help us giving you the best options, please provide as much information as possible about your needs and schedule by filling in the form below.

Please note that there are no take offs and landings allowed on Sundays. The tour usually takes 4 days with a night spent on Penrhyn (Tongareva), Manihiki and Pukapuka each. Individual tours of longer duration are possible but require more preparation and lead time.

Please note there are no formal accommodations available on any of the Atolls and home stay or guest house type accommodation is organised by Air Rarotonga as part of the expedition.