Fare Types

Air Rarotonga offers different types of fares to give you a choice between flexibility, extras and cost. The Northern Group Islands of Manihiki, Penrhyn (Tongareva) and Pukapuka have different fares reflecting the size of the Aircraft and logistics involved. The type of fare is displayed when you are searching for flights and you can either hover your mouse over the description or click on the fare class name to be directed to this page in a new window or browser tab.

Fully Flexible (YFLEX*, VFLEX*, BFLEX*)

These fares are fully refundable and changeable up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your outbound flight (i.e. the first flight of a return journey). Some fares are refundable or can be changed up to one hour before flight departure, please check your receipt for fare rules per flight segment as we do allow you to choose different fares for each flight segment. If you do not show up for departure (NO SHOW) then only 50 percent of the full fare will be refunded. Refunds will be paid out as paid, i.e. if you paid with a credit card the value of the voucher that is created when you cancel on line can be refunded to your credit card. If your credit card has meanwhile expired or been cancelled, please contact us using the 'contact us' page. 

Aitutaki Day Tour (YADT*)

Aitutaki Day tour fares are flexible and can be changed and refunded but DO NOT include a baggage allowance. The Aitutaki Day Tour fare includes refreshments and a barbeque Lunch as well as snorkeling gear and towels and you do have a 7 kg cabin baggage allowance and are allowed to bring liquids and gels in excess of 100 ml (i.e. your factor 50 sunscreen and moisturiser.)

Seat + Bag (WSAVE*, TSAVE*)

These fares are not refundable and changes incur a change fee. If you decide to cancel your flight within certain time limits which are specific to your destination and particular fare class you will only receive a partial refund to a voucher. This voucher, as long as it has not exoired, can be used as full or partial form of payment towards future travel but it can not be refunded.

Seat Only (SEAT2GO*)

Seat only fares are released on flights that cannot carry hold baggage and hence no checked baggage is inlcuded and none can be added on line or before checkin. Seat only fares are not refundable and cannot be changed. You need to travel on the flights bookedor the fare for this flight segment is forfeited. 7 kgs hand luggage are included in this fare and for demestic flights  liquids and gels larger than 100 ml are permitted (i.e. shower gel, sun screen) within this allowance. Excess hand luggage can not be transported on the same flight and needs to be stored or sent as cargo on a later flight.

Special (L, discontinued)

These are heavily discounted special and last minute fares and are not refundable. You need to travel on the flights booked or you may change your flight up to a number of days detailed in the fare rules of each flight segment. A change fee is payable and if there is no seat for the same fare class the fare difference is payable. If you fail to present yourself for checkin the full fare for this flight segment is forfeited.