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Air Rarotonga - Packages, Tours and Adventures

Air Rarotonga - Packages and Tours

If you are looking for a flight and accommodation package to Aitutaki or specialised tours to two or more islands we highly recommend you talk to our tour specialists by filling in the form below.

There are no formal accommodation options on Mitiaro, Penrhyn and Pukapuka and flights to these remote islands do not operate on fixed or frequent schedules. 

Whilst it is possible for intrepid travellers to custom built their own itinerary to these remote outliers of civilisation we highly recommend to contact our travel center (for flight/accomodation options within the Southern group islands of Rarotonga,Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro, Mauke and Mangaia), or our charter specialists (for tours around the northern Atolls of Penrhyn/Tongareva, Manihiki and Pukapuka). Our specialists will be able to arrange memorable trips without unnecessary bouts of anxiety.

When planning such an adventure please allow a few 'buffer' days on either end for your international arrival and departure. Especially the northern group islands are incredibly isolated and even our sturdy aircraft rely on fuel, navigation aids and last but not least a decent load factor before venturing out into this unspoiled wilderness. Moreover, medical emergencies to which we respond can necessitate deviations or delays.

Therefore it sometimes becomes necessary to change timings or even spend more days on the ground and if you have organised your adventure with us we will take care of all arrangements in an environment where phone booths, cell phone coverage or Internet access are not taken for granted.


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