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Air Rarotonga - Rarotonga Scenic Flight

Spectacular Aerial Vistas

Enjoy an island flight seeing around Rarotonga in our high wing Cessna. Ideal for photography and filming. Don't forget your camera!

See the inland valleys and plantations, the reef and the drop-off into the deep blue, the emerald green motus (small islets) and turquoise lagoon.

Onboard commentary guaranteed from our friendly pilots.

Contact the Scenic Flight Team

If you would like to book the Rarotonga Scenic Flight online, you can do so by booking a ONE WAY flight from Rarotonga to Rarotonga Scenic Flight but note that scenic flights are subject to weather conditions and aircraft availibility.

If you have an enquiry or comment feel free to fill in the following contact form.
One of our representatives will respond to you as soon as possible.