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Baggage Storage / Left Luggage

Air Rarotonga offers a baggage storage service in case you have bags you cannot or do not wish to take to our outer island destinations or if you wish to explore the island whilst transiting through Rarotonga.

Hours of Operation for baggage storage:

Air Rarotonga's baggage storage service is handled by our checkin staff for Domestic Flights and is therefore available ONLY for all inter-island flight departures and arrivals. Please claim your bags as you arrive with our inter island flight or reconfirm with our Airport staff to ensure you can access your bags when you plan to pick them up. 

The service is provided for Air Rarotonga customers travelling to and from the outer islands on a return trip originating from Rarotonga who are entitled to special low daily rate between departure and arrival dates. 

If you are not travelling with Air Rarotonga please refer to the Islander Hotel for bag storage.

Please further note that this service is not 24/7 and Air Rarotonga may not be able to return your items outside of their business hours.

For additional times during check-in hours for Virgin Australia, JetStar and Air Tahiti Flights, please check with our staff first before depositng your bags. 

Please accept our apologies if we cannot store additional bags if our store room is full. In this case our staff may also refer you to the Islander Hotel for bag storage.


Item   normal  
Bag    NZ$ 2.00   
Surfboards    NZ$ 10.00   
Bicycles    NZ$ 10.00   


Item   normal   after hours
Bag    NZ$ 5.00    callout fee NZ$20  

normal means same day storage drop off and pick up during Air Rarotonga core flight hours from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM 

all rates are subject to change without prior notice 

Liability: Air Rarotonga will exercise normal care when storing baggage, however the company is not responsible for loss or damage for valuable, inherently fragile, or valuable items.