To report lost baggage or property

As hard as we try to ensure the best handling of your baggage and property while in our care, occassionally bad things happen. If we have damaged or lost your property please complete the details below and submit to us as soon as possible after the completion of your flight.

If you have a photograph of your lost property, please attach, otherwise please provide a detailed description of your lost property (make, model, colour, identifying features, labels, etc).

If you left your electronic device on board our aircraft please note that we do not always have the opportunity to check for left property between flights and also that whilst we do find such devices it may not be possible for us to ship them to anywhere in the world due to recent regulatory changes regarding Lithium batteries on passenger aircraft. There are no dedicated cargo flights in and out of the Cook Islands. 

We do not accept loss or damage claims reported more than 30 days after completion of travel.