The Cook Islands and Tahiti

Rarotonga International Airport handles regular connections from New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Tahiti. For those travelling to Australia and New Zealand, the Cook Islands is an easy extension at only three to four hours flying time to Rarotonga. Those heading south from Los Angeles will find a stop over in the Cook Islands the perfect opportunity to acclimatise to the Pacific Islands.

This is our home, 15 volcanic and atoll islands spread out over 2 million square kilometers of the great Pacific Ocean, an area the size of Europe.

Our people were born of the sea, travelling over this great ocean from Avaiki to settle in what is one of the last havens on Earth. Come and discover a place where the natural beauty of the land is only surpassed by the warmth and hospitality of her people. Make your trip truly unforgettable and connect the dots with Air Rarotonga.

Routemap Aitutaki Rarotonga Mangaia Pukapuka Penrhyn (Tongareva) Tahiti and her Islands Atiu (Enuamanu) Mitiaro Mauke

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The Cook Islands lies in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle. To the west lies Tonga and Samoa. To the east the islands of French Polynesia and to the north the far flung Atolls of Kiribati.

Rarotonga is the capital. Located directly south of Hawaii and equal distance from the equator, we have the same temperate climate and time zones as Hawaii. The average temperature is from 27 – 30 degrees Celsius.

Rarotonga is the centre of our small nation and the largest of the fifteen islands. Ours is a circular island with a flat coastal perimeter and high mountainous interior cloaked in lush tropical rain forest. The encircling protective reef harbours a lagoon of clear turquoise waters with miles of white sandy beaches and swaying coconut trees rustling in the balmy breeze.