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Good to know...

Here you can manage your booking including changing flights and paying for unpaid reservations that our call center made for you. Cancellations currently have to be done via our call center. (+682 22888 in the Cook Islands or +64 9 973 5173 in New Zealand or use the contact page).

If you wish to have your itinerary emailed, please use our mobile page for this specific purpose whilst we work on implementing this feature in our desktop web site.

Please treat your confirmation number like you would a credit card number as with this number and your last name certain changes can be made without requiring further payment such as cancelling and changing of flights.

As with any other Airline Document, we recommend not to leave boarding passes, tickets, e-tickets and itineraries in public places, especially before the last segment of your journey has been flown.

Air Rarotonga accepts no liability and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental or consequential loss or damage) from third parties gaining access to your Confirmation Number and last name via access to your email communication or from printed documents. These details together can be used to modify or cancel entire or partial journeys. Please guard this information accordingly.